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Ellucian - Consulting Agreement Announcement

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VICTORIA, BC - 5 March 2020 - OA Solutions is proud to announce the signing of a Consulting Agreement with Ellucian®. This agreement extends OA’s relationship with Ellucian® that began with their predecessor company,

Datatel, in 1998.

For over 20 years, OA has assisted post-secondary institutions to analyze their business processes; recommend changes; and protect their investment of their Ellucian® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


OA has provided implementation, training and consulting services to over 80 institutions across North America. Our consultants’ superior knowledge of the Ellucian® applications in conjunction with their experience and understanding of business practices employed at post-secondary education institutions, enables OA to provide the services needed for institutions to gain maximum benefit from their investment in these systems and gain the efficiencies needed to ensure their services to students are second to none.


OA is excited to have the opportunity to expand its relationship with Ellucian®.  This agreement provides Ellucian® the ability to request that OA undertake consulting services to post-secondary institutions in Canada and the US.  Each engagement with be initiated through a Statement of Work (SOW), an essential component of a client-vendor contract. The SOW ensures the project follows expectations and agreed-upon guidelines. It also summarizes what’s within and out of scope to mitigate scope creep, and what the project cost covers, among other things.



About Ellucian®

Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services that power the essential work of colleges and universities. More than 2,500 institutions in 50+ countries rely on Ellucian to enhance operations and enrich the student experience for nearly 20 million students. Visit Ellucian at


About OA Solutions

Canada’s leader in the provision of professional information technology services to Ellucian® users. For over 20 years, OA has provided implementation, training and support services to post-secondary institutions, assisting them to maximize their investment and gain the efficiencies needed to provide A1 service to all stakeholders.



You can learn more about OA Solutions’ capabilities by visiting

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