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   How Can I Preserve the Investment in Our Data?

There are a few Data Migration strategies and best practices that all enterprises must consider before implementing a full-scale migration. To start, look at your migration project more strategically, and take the opportunity to improve your content along the way. Finally, identify the vital processes that a Data Migration can improve, create a partnership between IT and business teams, and choose the right migration vendor.

For over 20 years, OA Solutions has been servicing Colleague® institutions across Canada and the United States. Our team has the technical skills and experience necessary to maintain, support, and advance your institution's enterprise application environment and prepare it for the SQL migration.

Our database migration teams include project managers, database architects, product specialists, Data Base Administrators (DBAs), database and interface developers, and Quality Assurance (QA) analysts. We offer outcome based fixed price engagement model with clearly defined scope and deliverables for the following migration paths:

1. Server to Server/Cloud

2. Unidata to Colleague® SQL

3. Outside ERP to Colleague® SQL

A successful migration involves the following critical components:

  • Strategy Development

     Solidifying the business objectives that the migration project will facilitate.

  • Assessment and Analysis

     Assessing the content to be moved to discover exactly where and how any data, structured or not, is used.

  • Data Preparation

     May include compressing content, enhancing metadata for greater ease of access, and converting

     data into a suitable format.

  • Classification and Extraction

     Sorting content into the categories in which you want it to be migrated. 

  • Validation and Staging

     Review how the process is working by assessing the data rules and ensure they’re working the way

     they are supposed to; in addition to mapping out any exceptions to the data routing. 

  • Data Export

     With clean, well-organized data it’s time to migrate it from one content system to another. 

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