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Is OA the right company to support your Institution?

OA Solutions is in the best possible position to offer the services that your institution requires at the highest level of reliability, quality and for the most value-based price.  For more than 20 years, we have been a strong, stable, reliable and trusted partner to many clients.  Despite marketplace changes, economic uncertainties and significant changes all around us, OA's commitment to our long-term clients has been foremost in our minds and plans.  OA remains a strong, financially stable and capable partner for your institution.

OA is the right choice for your Institution for the following reasons:

OA Understands the Needs of Our Clients: OA understands the changing needs of our clients. We have provided support services to higher education clients for over 20 years.  Throughout this time, our support team has listened to our client's requirements and our entire company has strived to deliver services with consistency, reliability, and ever improving service quality.

OA Has the Strongest Support Team:  The high level of service quality that has been achieved is a testament to the strong relationships between key staff at our client institutions and OA’s support staff and management.  Service quality is a cooperative objective, and our respective teams have achieved high levels of performance as a result of the strong and trusting relationships that have been forged over time. OA’s team is recognized as an industry leader in the provision of Colleague® implementation and support services. 

OA Is Not Reliant on Any Other Organization:  Although we benefit from many relationships in the post-secondary and technology industries, we are not dependent on any other organization in order to provide our clients the highest quality of service.  This independence from other service providers and vendors ensures that you will receive the type and quality of services contracted for, at the agreed upon price.

OA Has an Evolving Service Delivery Model: In order to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of continued improvements in OA’s support services, we continually enhance our service delivery model. For example, as our relationship with a client matures, time and hence cost estimates can be adjusted to reflect our collective and collaborative experiences.

OA’s Focus on Value and Affordability:  Our track record of success gives OA a unique view on what our clients require in terms of support services at a very detailed level. OA’s cost structure and business model further assure that we are able to offer our clients additional services at a price structure that is difficult for other organizations to match.

OA’s Rebate Structure and Value Added Offers: OA understands that post-secondary institutions require a degree of flexibility and containment on expenditures in supporting their operations.  There are times when the budget simply needs to be stretched in order to get the work done and meet financial commitments. OA is prepared to discuss the potential of a Rebate Structure based on the number of activities and deliverables. Value added products and services may also be bundled into our client's Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 


OA’s Executive Commitment:  OA's corporate mission is to provide comprehensive, enterprise-level custom software development and support for public and private sector post-secondary clients to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. The company's Executive are hands-on and are well invested to service this mission. The litmus test for every decision must see a win for our select group of clients.

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