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Do we have to hire System Administration staff?

OA Solutions provides advanced systems administration and consulting services in support of

your institutions Ellucian® Colleague® production, testing and development environments.

Services include:

  • Installation and configuration of software updates for Ellucian® Colleague® products.

  • Performing ad hoc backups, non-production environment clones.

  • Set-up and configuration supporting software and services such as Apache Tomcat and Entrinsik Informer, in coordination with institutional staff and vendors as required.

  • Configuration of scheduled tasks using CRON or Windows Task Scheduler including ETL processes, report execution, and log management.

  • Troubleshooting system performance issues and service outages to identify and isolate root cause and resolve expeditiously.

  • Consulting on Ellucian® Colleague® system architecture design improvements, and integrations with other Ellucian® products and third party systems.

  • Providing recommendations regarding capacity planning for the Ellucian® Colleague® environment.

  • Providing daily support for Ellucian® Colleague® user account management.

  • Providing monitoring of critical Ellucian® Colleague® services and notifications when services are disrupted or degraded.

  • Participating in scheduled processes such as FTE reporting, IPEDS reporting and the year-end GL closing.

  • Providing Script development to automate repetitive tasks and perform ad hoc tasks.

  • Participating in conference calls and other collaborative work with the institution's IT department and vendors.

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