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Want to Capitalize on Your Investment?

OA Solutions can assist your institution to increase the productivity from the time and money invested in your Colleague® ERP. With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable team can provide the support you need to strengthen and improve the operations of your administrative systems.


Whether you need to increase your use of Colleague®, improve your productivity, or even implement it from scratch, there are a variety of ways our experienced consultants can engage with your team to support your business goals.

Manage Student Data, Improve Student Communication and Enhance Student Service

  • Automate and improve student communications  

  • Centralize student information to facilitate better student experiences and operational efficiencies 

  • Monitor ongoing student academic and attendance indicators 

  • Implement Degree Audit and Student Planning add-ons


Support Financial Aid Services, Communicate with Students and Applicants

and Improve Student Experience

  • Manage student awards

  • Gather applicant data and process applications

  • Monitor compliance with timely updates to regulatory changes 

  • Utilize reporting functionality to support institutional, state/provincial and federal requirements


Manage and Support your HR Functions and Payroll Processes, Communicate with your Employees and Enhance Accessibility and Experience

  • Manage payroll processes and information

  • Ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations 

  • Increase efficiency with day-to-day functions, including personnel, payroll, and benefits administration 

  • Predict and plan for future staff and management needs


Work Efficiently and Effectively with Student Accounts, Manage Financial Processes and Reporting

  • Streamline processes and manage financial and student accounts effectively and efficiently

  • Manage the invoicing, billing, and payment processes across campus 

  • Create and manage student payment plans and sponsorships

  • Set up additional products like Projects Accounting to enhance capabilities



Increase Experience and Accessibility for all Modules of Colleague® through Self Service

  • Set up tools and features that support Student, HR and Finance modules

  • Provide streamlined access to data

  • Enable and empower users to maintain their contact information and submit information and requests for services

  • Enhance communication across all user groups and provide a secure user experience

Implementation of the Mobile App Can Help You Reach More of Your Users and Facilitate Registration on the Go

  • Assist in the selection of the Mobile product most suited to your needs (Branded versus Baseline)

  • Develop Apple and Android Mobile applications (Branded Mobile Product)

  • Identify and implement Mobile features for your School

  • Provide Project Management, Test Plan development and support for the success of your implementation


Get the Most Out of Your Existing Colleague® Products and Processes, Sharpen Skills and Abilities and/or Develop new Knowledge and Skills with our Training Options

  • Looking for help building and/or recovering your institutional knowledge?

  • Looking to improve your teams knowledge skills and abilities?

  • Looking for an analysis of an existing setup and recommendations for improvement?

  • Looking for documentation for a process, customization or module?


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