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Eliminating Friction with Canadian Tuition Payments


PayMyTuition’s domestic student payment solution allows students to pay for tuition and student fees quickly and easily by the click of a button.


Through PayMyTuition’s API Integration, when payments are funded into the institution’s bank account, transactions are automatically matched to specific student records and are posted directly into the appropriate student accounts without any manual intervention.


This automation reduces tuition processing times, removes bulk manual payment matching and allows real time payment settlement for faster student enrollment, while saving the institution time and money on overall payment processing.


PayMyTuition’s domestic student payment solution, by way of their real-time API, can be seamlessly integrated into most student information systems including Colleague.

PMT _ Domestic Payments Process Flow.png
PMT - Check Mark.png
PMT - Check Mark.png

Benefits and Features

Domestic tuition and fee payments are directly integrated in Colleague from the Self Service screen.

PayMyTuition integrates directly into the institution's infrastructure to automatically match requisitioned payments to incoming payments.

PayMyTuition's API integration will allow payments to be automatically posted into the appropriate student account removing any manual intervention for institutions.

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