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OA Solutions has partnered with industry leader MTFX to offer an integrated solution for Domestic and International Payments and Refunds, and International Vendor Payments.                                  

Established in 1996 and with a 24-year track record, MTFX processes payments for over 600 educational institutions, 1,200 banks and credit unions and over 7,000 businesses across North America.


MTFX’s innovative solution for tuition payments for colleges and universities, PayMyTuition, is an end-to-end SaaS solution incorporating a broad range of specifications focused on student payments and refunds both domestically and internationally.


The platform eliminates the need for manual reconciliation of incoming payments, solves common bottlenecks associated with long processing times and provides partners with an integrated multi-currency refund management solution which is the only solution in the market that directly integrates into Banner® and Colleague® SIS systems to allow for real time payment posting into student accounts.

PMT - Check Mark.png
PMT - Check Mark.png

Benefits and Features

Local and international student payment options, including all Canadian Payment Association regulated payment options, in 120+ currencies around the globe.

PayMyTuition has incorporated an online refund solution so institutions can initiate domestic or international refunds with a click of a button removing the need for cheque runs or wire payment instructions.

Seamless Banner® and Colleague® API integration through the Banner® and Colleague® student menu with direct posting into student accounts in real time.

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