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Want an innovative solution for processing cross border tuition refunds?


As a regulated and licensed money transmitter with FINTRAC, PayMyTuition offers institutions an integrated multi-currency refund management process that facilitates full and partial international refunds with quick turnaround times verses the current industry standard.


PayMyTuition’s refund module integrates the entire international refund payment process into an all-in-one seamless solution through real-time APIs. By the way of AI and machine learning technology, this solution reduces refund processing times, removes manual and multi-journal accounting entries, and allows settlement in minutes so students can get refunds faster, safely, and securely.


PayMyTuition’s refund processes are designed to not just meet, but exceed, FINTRAC’s requirements for compliance, screening, and beneficiary validation. PayMyTuition’s international refund processes contains features and functions like multi-factor and roles-based approval processes, beneficiary

PMT - Intl Refunds - Process Flow Diagra
PMT - Check Mark.png
PMT - Check Mark.png

Benefits and Features

Multi-currency refund processing allows for both full and partial refunds.

Integrated refunds can be processes directly from Colleague in minutes by the click of a


PayMyTuition’s API integration will allow payments to be automatically posted into the

appropriate student account removing any manual intervention for institutions.

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